Shoes Collection

The collection was born as a rebellion, in absolute contrast with “The First”.

Breaks down the rules and stereotypes!

The scenario is changing, we talk about life; everyday life and independence. A “street style” – not to put a foot wrong . Thus Ribelle is upstaged by Claudia Bruschini couture with inevitable flashiness and a hint of fascinating dominance. No claim, no ego. Just safety. It takes over like a hurricane.

Poetry becomes action, courage, determination.

Romanticism gives way to aggressiveness, grace lurks behind strength, elegance shades between the lines of a beauty “at first sight”.

The captivating and irresistible capsule, invites every woman to treat her femininity with style, without exaggeration and fear, so that she can live every single moment.

Each step echoes with class and irony, sensuality and awareness.

Rediscover yourself to learn how to conquer. Have enough courage to make your first step in the right direction!

This is Ribelle.

   Photo Credit: Luca Noto
   Model: Hellergratitude


Isa ivory

Strike Stripe ivory

Over Cassie

Anna maculato

Isa black

Strike Stripe black


Anna grigio mélange

Anna python ivory

Strike One oro

Silvy ivory

Maxy ivory

Anna python black

Strike One maculato

Silvy black

Maxy black

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